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December 3, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Especially as the holiday season grows nearer, many people make an increased effort to be healthier in order to avoid the typical weight gain from holiday parties and gatherings.

I mean, all of those pies, cookies, and savory meals are quite hard to resist – but they aren’t always nice to your waistline!

One recent trend in health and fitness are activity and fitness trackers, which have become so mainstreamed and have many benefits, some that you may not even be aware of.

In your office, these trackers can serve as a way to facilitate not only promoted health and wellness but even a little healthy competition among employees.

Take a look at all of these benefits to be reaped via activity trackers.


The Benefits of Activity Trackers

They are customizable

Everyone is at a different place in their own health and fitness journey, and these trackers take that into account.

Every user is able to input their own specific goals and formulate a plan to reaching them based on what’s best for them.

Whether it’s someone who runs marathons or someone who is just getting back into a fitness routine, the beauty of these devices is that they are meant to motivate anyone and to be used by anyone.

They integrate current technology

These devices most typically utilize an app on our phones to tell us how we are doing in meeting our goals and staying healthy.

Since most people are on their phones at some point during the day, if not on it quite often, this makes it convenient to be reminded of our progress and easy to check up on it when you’re in the office or on the go.

Many of these apps facilitate competition and send frequent reminders of where you are against your goals on a daily basis, which can be heavily motivating.


It increases personal accountability

Because these trackers allow you to see all of your statistics, including those over time, this holds you more accountable than if you were not to have it.

These will blatantly show you where you are falling against your goals, which is an in-your-face way to increase ambition towards reaching what you had your sights set on.

Additionally, since you can participate in competitions or leaderboards on the apps, this visibility can also be motivating.

They promote healthy eating

Another great feature of these trackers is that they have built-in food trackers, so that you can input what you eat each day to see if you are eating too many or not enough calories on a daily basis.

This promotes health overall, as Livestrong cites that keeping a log of the food you ingest can help improve accountability to sticking to a diet, help you eat more balanced meals, and help connect food to feelings.

They track your sleep

The quality of the rest you get at night can affect almost every aspect of your life, from your mood to your work performance to your metabolism.

These devices help track the amount of time and the quality of your sleep night after night, helping you to pinpoint what factors may be affecting it and helping you sleep more soundly over time.

While activity trackers may be a bit pricey, they are a sound investment towards one’s health. Encourage some healthy competition in your office and watch your employees be healthier, happier, and better performing because of it!

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