Spring Break Camp For Ages 7 -17

Looking For An Exciting Spring Break Camp For Your Kids This Year?

Spring break is awesome when you’re a kid, but it’s challenging for most parents.  Ever ask yourself… what should I do with the kids during the day?

  • Put them in daycare?
  • Hire a babysitter?
  • Ask grandma or grandpa to watch them?
  • Or maybe take a vacation or a family trip?

Figuring out what to do with kids during spring break doesn’t have to be difficult.  You just have to find something kids love to do.  Someplace with a solid track record of keeping kids active and engaged during the day.  Proven to be safe, secure, and trustworthy.

And you certainly don’t want a spring break camp with activities like daycare, right?

The last thing you want is a spring break camp run like a daycare with cheesy activities. Or one that uses movies and video games to kill the time. If a summer camp doesn’t offer multiple activities or a variety of cool things for the kids to do, then I guarantee they’ll get bored and lose interest. Especially on days when it’s too hot or too stormy to be outside.

Introducing Spring Break Climbing Camp at Texas Rock Gym…

Spring break climbing camp at Texas Rock Gym is the only youth program for kids ages 7 – 17 centered around the exciting sport of indoor rock climbing — a rapidly growing sport in North America, according to the Outdoor Industry Association.

In fact, more and more Houston parents are finding out that kids love indoor rock climbing. No surprise, right? Just look at any busy playground and watch all those kids climbing on everything imaginable. The problem is that most kids haven’t been taught how to climb correctly. That’s why over 575 children get injured every day on playgrounds across the U.S*., with the vast majority of these injuries being fall-related.

Rock climbing isn’t all your kids will learn during the day at this spring break camp…

During the week the kids are introduced to a wide variety of rock climbing skills including basic techniques, gear safety, commonly used knots and other climbing fundamentals. They also participate in daily organized workouts specially designed to help build a stronger, more flexible climber.

But summer camp is about much more than just climbing. Every day we do team-building exercises and have friendly competitions as both groups and individuals. And special attention is paid to help quiet and shy kids feel a part of the team. In fact, parents often comment how much more confident their kids are by the end of camp.

During lunch, they’ll get to watch videos of the best climbers in the world to inspire and show your young climber what’s possible. Kids often ask to watch these over and over.

Why do parents love the camp experience at Texas Rock Gym?

Builds strength and confidence:

Climbing improves your child’s overall core strength, as well as strengthening key muscle groups in the arms, back and hips. Climbing also builds mental strength through confidence, as a climber is challenged continually to overcome fears, and to problem-solve during the physical activity.

Improves concentration and coordination:

Climbing is a lot more than just a physical activity. Your child’s mind must focus, and the body must ultimately depend more on sound technique than raw strength to be successful. Even kids with hyperactive characteristics find climbing to be calming.

Increases endurance and dexterity:

Kids typically climb over 1000 ft per day in our gym. Obviously the stamina needed to make these moves over and over must be mastered by more time on the wall, hence the endurance aspect. As climbers get better through repetition, they develop more dexterity and are able to make more complex moves with ease.

Develops better balance:

Balance is a huge part of any sport and is only magnified in climbing. Your kid’s ability to position correctly over a point of support, and make a movement with the other limbs, is critical to success in climbing. This is an organic skill, meaning that just through the practice of it, balance is improved. Studies show that working on balance stimulates the cognitive and memory functions of the brain tremendously. Many believe that balance work through climbing is beneficial not only to the act of climbing itself, but to our overall well-being.

Elevates physical fitness and self-reliance:

Climbing strengthens the whole body, and also acts as an anaerobic activity. Top climbers are some of the fittest people you will ever meet, often needing to carry heavy amounts of gear up into mountain ranges at high altitudes to practice our sport. It’s a sport every kid can benefit from.

Encourages teamwork and cooperation:

Climbers don’t work alone. We learn to trust each other to keep us safer, and we learn that we can be trusted to watch out for our teammates. From mutual safety checks, to planning excursions, and catching us when we fall, we learn that the person climbing is only half of the team. Belaying and belay skills are just as important to successful climbing.

We know climbing can feel a little intimidating if you’re new…

This marks our 12th year hosting camps for kids. We have helped over 100,000 new climbers learn and get started! Nobody else can say that. We love teaching kids the sport and watching their skills develop, with safety always first.

During camp, one primary instructor along with 2-3 assistants will be teaching your kids, so everyone gets plenty of support. We also have 2 experienced floor staff who supervise the climbing area, keeping an eye on everyone at all times. Plus a manager on duty, and a desk staff assistant who controls the flow of customers in and out of the front door.

We’re passionate about safety. All of our staff go through regular safety training and our gear is inspected weekly. Our floor staff closely watches all the climbers making sure our policies are being followed. This way our instructors maintain order throughout the gym.

Spring Break Camp FAQs:

When does spring break camp start this year?

Spring break camp starts March 12th and ends March 18th.  Each day is a new session so you can pick the days you want.  This means you can sign up for one day, two days, or however many days that will work best for your schedule.

Remember, each day is limited to only 40 kids. Sessions fill up quickly so please don’t delay.  Register early.

What about lunch, water and snacks?

Please be sure to pack your child a healthy lunch, a drink and a few nutritious snacks. It’s a good idea to pack extra snacks because they eat when they are active all day! A water bottle is a great idea so they can refill with our filtered water fountain throughout the day. There are also snacks and drinks available for purchase at the gym just in case.

What time is drop off and pick up for the day?

You can drop off your child between 8 and 9 am. Camp officially starts at 9am.

All activities end around 5:00 pm, but you have until 5:30pm to pick up your kids.  (Extra fees may apply if you pick up your kids after 5:30pm.)

Can I drop off early? Or pick up late?

TRG opens at 8:00 am so we are not able to provide any earlier drop-off. We do offer a late pickup option, extending the pickup time to 5:30pm.

What do they need to wear?

We recommend climbers wear clothes that are comfortable to move in; as well as athletic sneakers. Please, no skirts for the young ladies. Layers are good, as kids get hot when they move around.

Can my child attend multiple days?
Absolutely! We have several kids that spend the whole week here at the gym. They have a blast because a new kids starts everyday. And as they get better, new climbing routes open up, giving them new challenges.
What’s included and how much does it cost?

If you decide to join us for spring break camp this year, everything is included in the $75 daily registration fee. This includes rental gear for along with a beginner climbing course in the morning which is mandatory. It also includes climbing lessons, instructor feedback, and supervised practice sessions. Plus, there’s plenty of group activities and contests to keep things exciting and fun.

On top of that, if you sign up for (3) three or more days, you kids get a special bonus package that includes $260 worth of stuff to help make their experience even more memorible.

The special bonus package includes…

  • TRG Souvenir T-Shirt (a $20 value)
    Kids love wearing something unique and telling others what they did this during spring break. And you can’t get this t-shirt unless you’re a veteran. A perfect way to remember their awesome rock climbing adventure.
  • TRG Limited Edition Water Bottle (a $15 value)
    This water bottle is like a badge of honor at Texas Rock Gym. Seems like every loyal rock climber has one and uses it to show others they proudly support our sport. We want your little campers to feel like part of our family too.
  • Free practice pass with our Youth Climbing Team including gear rental (a $30 value)
    Team Natural is our youth climbing team. If you’re looking for a sport that will inspire and challenge your young one, this is it. With this free pass, your kid can come to a closed practice session with the team. They’ll get special instruction and unique hands-on training with a professional climbing instructor.
  • 20% Discount Coupon For A Birthday Party Package (up to $100 value)
    Texas Rock Gym is the perfect spot for hosting a birthday party. Kids love climbing the walls and parents love our full-service attention to detail. This discount coupon gives you up to $100 off any of our birthday party packages.
How To Register…
To register, simply select the number of campers below and select what date you want to book.  Then just follow the instructions to complete your registration.  We consider each day of spring break as a separate event.  If you want to book another day, just repeat the process.