Youth Camps

Our 2018 Summer Camp is closed for the year.

You can read about last year’s program below to get an idea of what it might be like next year.

Check back here in the spring for the newest information for our 2019 Summer Camp program!

Looking for a summer camp that your little one — and you — will love?
Imagine — you having a worry-free week knowing your kids are safe, active and happy in a summer camp for kids they love.  And your kids gaining important life skills that will boost their confidence forever!

Remember the last time your kids went to a new summer camp?

You go pick them up. You get everyone buckled, and ask, “So, how was your first day? Did you do anything fun?” Their faces light up, their hands fly with excitement and they talk your ear off — all – the – way – home!

But by Wednesday, no more happy campers… kids are bored.

Where can you find a summer camp for kids that isn’t boring after the first few days?
Yes… finding an exciting summer camp for your kids can be difficult. You never know if they’ll really like it or not. The last thing you want is a call at work saying there’s been a problem, or your child isn’t participating, or he’s acting out.

The key is to find a summer camp with plenty of age-specific activities. One that’s also unique, fun, and challenges them a little differently each day.

And you certainly don’t want a summer camp that’s run like daycare, right?
The last thing you want is a summer camp run like a daycare with cheesy activities. Or one that uses movies and video games to kill the time. If a summer camp doesn’t offer multiple activities or a variety of cool things for the kids to do, they’ll get bored and lose interest. Especially on days when it’s too hot or too stormy to be outside.

Summer Camp at Texas Rock Gym Solves The Boredom Problem…
Summer camp at Texas Rock Gym is the only youth summer program for kids ages 5 – 17 centered around the exciting sport of indoor rock climbing — a rapidly growing sport in North America, and worldwide.

In fact, more and more Houston parents are finding out that kids love indoor rock climbing. No surprise, right? Just look at any busy playground and watch all those kids climbing on everything imaginable.

Why every kid benefits from knowing how to climb properly.

At Texas Rock Gym, kids learn real climbing techniques from expert climbing instructors. Plus, they have ample time to practice and develop their own climbing skills during the week — all while being positively supported by their peers and closely supervised by a climbing partner. Gym staff and instructors vigilantly oversee the whole operation.

Teaching indoor rock climbing is like teaching your child how to be a competitive swimmer. They go from just knowing the basics to being able to swim for hours at a time without any effort. It’s a lifetime skill.

We encourage every kid to push through their limitations and go for it! All of our campers see their climbing skills improve in very empowering ways during the week. We help find each child’s strengths and build them up, as well as encourage them to be mindful of any weaknesses they can overcome. With the variety of activities offered during the week, there is plenty of opportunity for fun!

Texas Rock Gym has a great staff and a wondrous camp for kiddos. My two kids, ages 7 and 10, loved it from the get-go. The staff works with the children on an individual level, so the kids can progress at their own pace over the week or weeks that they camp. Very reasonably priced. Everyone is encouraging and friendly here. The facility is clean and inviting. Kids learn how to boulder and climb with a harness. There are also fun games and discussion about safety. I’m forty-something and am seriously considering rock climbing now. Kids and staff make it seem like something I could actually take on. Love this place. T.C.

Houston, TX

Rock climbing isn’t all your kids will learn during summer camp…
During the week the kids are introduced to a wide variety of rock climbing skills including basic techniques, gear safety, commonly used knots and other climbing fundamentals.

Summer camp is about much more than just climbing. Every day we do team-building exercises and have friendly competitions as both groups and individuals. Extra effort is made to help quiet and shy kids feel a part of the team. In fact, parents often comment how much more confident their kids are by the end of camp.

During lunch, they’ll get to watch videos of the best climbers in the world to inspire and show your young climber what’s possible. Kids often ask to watch these over and over.

And every Friday we have our legendary water balloonapalooza! We fill up over a thousand water balloons and then let the kids have fun throwing them at each other out in our parking lot. (This is after we close the gate so vehicles can’t drive in or out, of course!)

Why do parents love summer camp for kids at Texas Rock Gym?

Builds strength and confidence:

Climbing improves your child’s overall core strength, as well as strengthening key muscle groups in the arms, back and hips. Climbing also builds mental strength through confidence, as a climber is challenged continually to overcome fears, and to problem-solve during the physical activity.

Improves concentration and coordination:

Climbing is a lot more than just a physical activity. Your child’s mind must focus, and the body must ultimately depend more on sound technique than raw strength to be successful. Even kids with hyperactive characteristics find climbing to be calming.

Increases endurance and dexterity:

Kids typically climb over 1000 ft per day in our gym. Obviously the stamina needed to make these moves over and over must be mastered by more time on the wall, hence the endurance aspect. As climbers get better through repetition, they develop more dexterity and are able to make more complex moves with ease.

Develops better balance:

Balance is a huge part of any sport and is only magnified in climbing. Your kid’s ability to position correctly over a point of support, and make a movement with the other limbs, is critical to success in climbing. This is an organic skill, meaning that just through the practice of it, balance is improved. Studies show that working on balance stimulates the cognitive and memory functions of the brain tremendously. Many believe that balance work through climbing is beneficial not only to the act of climbing itself, but to our overall well-being.

Elevates physical fitness and self-reliance:

Climbing strengthens the whole body, and also acts as an anaerobic activity. Top climbers are some of the fittest people you will ever meet, often needing to carry heavy amounts of gear up into mountain ranges at high altitudes to practice our sport. It’s a sport every kid can benefit from.

Encourages teamwork and cooperation:

Climbers don’t work alone. We learn to trust each other to keep us safer, and we learn that we can be trusted to watch out for our teammates. From mutual safety checks, to planning excursions, and catching us when we fall, we learn that the person climbing is only half of the team. Belaying and belay skills are just as important to successful climbing.
We know climbing can feel a little intimidating if you’re new…
This marks our 11th year hosting summer camps for kids. We have helped over 100,000 new climbers learn and get started! We love teaching kids the sport and watching their skills develop, with safety always first.

Every week, one primary instructor along with 2-3 assistants will be teaching your kids, so everyone gets plenty of support. We also have experienced floor staff who supervise the climbing area, keeping an eye on everyone at all times. Plus a manager on duty, and a desk staff member who controls the flow of customers in and out of the front door.

We’re passionate about safety. All of our staff go through regular safety training and our gear is inspected weekly. Our floor staff closely watches all the climbers to make sure our policies are being followed.

I used to dread arranging summer camps for my two kids – 10 and 6 years old. Other camps we tried were boring or too hot, or just wouldn’t work for us because they didn’t have hours convenient to me as a working parent. But that changed after I discovered summer camp at Texas Rock Gym a few years ago. We went in whole hog! After our first summer there, my oldest child didn’t want to go to any other camp and my youngest, who was too young at the time, was begging to go. We keep coming back every year because they love the climbing, the group activities, and the staff. I love TRG because the kids get to move their bodies and challenge themselves every day. I love that TRG incorporates group games and activities into its program that develop important team working skills. I love that TRG has an awesome staff that really connects with the kids and treats them as individuals. And I love that by the end of the summer my kids are stronger and more confident. It’s such a great place that I wish I could go to summer camp there, too! Sarah Fischer

Houston, TX

Summer Camp For Kids FAQs:
When does summer camp start?
The first week of summer camp starts June 4th, 2018.

Here’s the official 2018 schedule:

Week 1 (June 4 – 8)
Week 2 (June 11 – 15)
Week 3 (June 18 – 22)
Week 4 (June 25 – 29)
Week 5 (July 2 – 6) *
Week 6 (July 9 – 13)
Week 7 (July 16 – 20)
Week 8 (July 23 – 27)
Week 9 (July 30 – Aug 3)
Week 10 (Aug 6 – 10)
Week 11 (Aug 13 – 17)
Week 12 (Aug 20 – 24th)

Remember, each week may be limited to only 60 kids. Sessions fill up quickly so please don’t delay registering early.

What about lunch, water and snacks?
Please be sure to pack your child a healthy lunch, a drink and a few nutritious snacks. It’s a good idea to pack extra snacks because — surprise — they eat when they are active all day! A water bottle is a great idea so they can refill with our filtered water fountain throughout the day. There are also snacks and drinks available for purchase at the gym just in case.
What time is drop off and pick up for the day?
You can drop off your child between 8 and 8:30 am. Half-Day camp ends at 12:30 pm. Full-Day camp ends at 4:30 pm.
Can I drop off early? Or pick up late?
TRG opens at 8:00 am so we are not able to provide any earlier drop-off. We do offer a late pickup option, extending the pickup time to 6:00 pm, for an additional $10 a day.
Can I just pay for a single day?
Yes! We have a Drop-In option which is $65 for the day.
What do they need to wear?
We recommend climbers wear clothes that are comfortable to move in; not too baggy, not too tight, as well as athletic sneakers. Please, no skirts for the young ladies. ? Keep in mind the Texas summer heat because we will be doing some activities outdoors.
Can my child attend multiple weeks?
Absolutely! We have several kids that spend every week of summer here at the gym. They have a blast because a new group of kids starts every week. And as they get better, new climbing routes open up, giving them new challenges.
What’s included and how much does it cost?
When you join us for summer camp, everything is included in the weekly registration fee. This includes rental gear for each day along with a beginner climbing course on the first day. It also includes daily climbing lessons, instructor feedback, and supervised practice sessions. Plus, there’s plenty of group activities and contests to keep things exciting and fun.

On top of that, we offer a premium summer camp package that includes a ton of extra bonuses to help make your camper’s experience even more special.

The premium summer camp package includes…

  • 2018 Souvenir T-Shirt (a $20 value)
    Kids love wearing something unique and telling others what they did this summer. And you can’t get this t-shirt unless you’re a summer camp veteran. A perfect way to remember their awesome rock climbing adventure.
  • TRG Limited Edition Water Bottle (a $15 value)
    This water bottle is like a badge of honor at Texas Rock Gym. Seems like every loyal rock climber has one and uses it to show others they proudly support our sport. We want your little campers to feel like part of our family too.
  • CE Certified Climbing Carabiner (a $10 value)
    The same ones we sell in our gear shop- perfect for hanging your chalk bag and strong enough to climb with!
  • Free pass to practice in our Youth Climbing Program including gear rental (a $30 value)
    Team Natural is our youth climbing team. If you’re looking for a sport that will inspire and challenge your young one, this is it. With this free pass, your kid can come to a closed practice session with the team. They’ll get special instruction and unique hands-on training with a professional climbing instructor.
  • 20% Discount Coupon For A Birthday Party Package (up to $100 value)
    Texas Rock Gym is the perfect spot for hosting a birthday party. Kids love climbing on the walls and parents love our full-service attention to detail. This discount coupon gives you up to $100 off any of our birthday party packages.
Summer Camp 2018 Basic Premium
5 × Daily Climbing Pass ($75 value) checkmark checkmark
5 × Climbing  Gear Rental ($70 value)
(shoes -harness – belay – chalk*)
checkmark checkmark
Intro To Climbing & Climb Safe Class ($10)
Daily Climbing Lessons With Instructors ($200 value)
Individual Climbing Activities & Group Challenges
Pizza Party Friday
Big Bonuses
Exclusive 2018 Summer Camp T- Shirt ($20 Value)
TRG Sports Bottle ($15 Value)
TRG Souvenir Carabiner ($10 Value)
Youth Climbing Program Practice DayPass ($30 value)
20% Birthday Party Discount (Max value $100)
NEW! Climber portraits and camp action photos (priceless!)

Full-Day Summer Camp

Monday- Friday

8:30a – 4:30p


Half-day Summer Camp

Monday – Friday

8:30a – 12:30p

***Special Summer Camp Exclusively For 5-6 Year Olds***
Experience has taught us that Pre-K & Kindergarten kids need their own group in order to get the most out of summer camp. So we’re offering a modified version of our regular summer camp for these pebble wrestlers.

Check it out…

  • Half day only – 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • Average 6 kids per instructor for more individual attention and coaching.
  • Price: $260 for 5-day session.
  • Drop-in’s are welcome if space is available, but please call ahead to inquire. We cannot guarantee space for drop-ins– and it’s $65 each time.
What if my kids don’t like summer camp?

I recommend that you NEVER buy anything that isn’t 100% guaranteed. And with Texas Rock Gym you get our “Totally Happy Camper Guarantee” when you sign your kids up for summer camp. That means if you decide after the first day that camp isn’t a good fit for them, you can email us, and we’ll give you all your money back with a smile. And no questions asked.

How To Enroll Your Kids In Summer Camp…
Each week is limited to a certain number of spots.  Since each week tends to sell out, we divide registration into two parts – early registration and general registration.

Early registration for summer camp ends June 3rd.  During early registration, you first need to pay a $100 early registration deposit per child.  This deposit goes to your enrollment fees and locks in a 20% discount on enrollment fees all summer long.

Once you’ve paid the $100 early registration deposit per child, you’ll be sent a special link to RSVP a spot in any week during the summer.  All you have to do is pay in full or put down a minimal $25 summer camp reservation fee for each week you want to guarantee a spot for your kids.   Any balance due needs to be paid before the first day in person or over the phone.

PLEASE NOTE: The $25 summer camp reservation fee is non-refundable. You can switch weeks without penalty up to 10 days prior to the start of camp. Also, you can reserve additional weeks for only $25 per child per week.

General registration for summer camp starts on June 4th.  If you didn’t sign up during early registration, you won’t get a discount and must pay full price.  You can still reserve a spot with a $100 deposit per child for the first week and $25 deposit for any additional weeks.

Once early registration is over, we shift the online booking system over to open enrollment, full price, and on a first come – first serve basis. (Some weeks sell out in just few days.)

Early registration is the only chance to get a discount and guarantee a spot in summer camp.

I hope you join us!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 713 973 ROCK (7625).

Matt Treadway
Texas Rock Gym

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the entire staff at the Texas Rock Gym for creating such a positive experience for my son Aaron. Last summer, I signed Aaron up for one week of camp. I chose the Texas Rock Gym because it would allow him to do physical activity in the air conditioning. I expected that he would attend one week of camp at the Texas Rock Gym and then continue with the other camps that I had already scheduled for the remainder of the summer.

To my great surprise, he insisted that we cancel all of his previously scheduled commitments for the summer so that he could attend camp each week at the Texas Rock Gym! He also insisted that I sign him up for the team! He has thoroughly enjoyed participating on the team throughout the school year and counted down the days until the start of summer camp! He has developed a true passion for rock climbing, and I credit this 100% to your professional and caring staff.

Every day, your staff members greet Aaron with a big smile, and it is clear that the staff enjoy working with the children. Your staff members make Aaron feel good about himself each day and create a positive environment for the children. Aaron has been provided with some additional responsibilities at camp, and this gesture by the staff means so much to him.

We greatly appreciate what you and your staff do each day to build the confidence of your campers and team members, and we highly recommend the Texas Rock Gym to everyone. Thank you again for creating such a positive environment for the children! Karen Feldman

Texas Rock Gym and Summer Camp did an amazing job with my daughter last year. We had enjoyed the usual introduction to climbing at various fairs, playgrounds, and events, not to mention the occasional tree, but nothing compares to this awesome facility and its wonderful staff.
We first visited together for a great Daddy/Daughter time on Father’s Day and when we heard about the program to increase her exposure to climbing, I knew that it would be a great experience for her, but they exceeded my expectations.
Every day she came home with a new personal record for “topping out”, but also with great stories about new friends made and the games that they played in between climbs. She can’t wait for this year’s camp to begin and we look forward to her having a great time with people who care for kids so well.
Breaux Peters

Houston, TX