Team Natural

Climbing for competitions or for fun… Team Natural is for you.

youth indoor climbing

Team Natural is a community that challenges one another to push the boundaries of bouldering, top roping, and sport climbing. 

Kids encourage one another, learn to belay, communicate beta, and build friendships.

Even though each climber tackles the wall on their own, they have a support network of friends and teammates to help them confront challenges and overcome obstacles.

Team Natural gives young climbers the same community they might experience in traditional team sports, while still giving them the freedom to blaze their own trail – wherever their climbing goals take them.

 If your child is interested in being a part of Team Natural you can sign up for a free preliminary visit to see which team would be best for you!

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Climbing Team Frequently Asked Questions

How is the program set up?

The youth climbing team is perfect for kids between the ages 5-17.  We break them up into groups based on age, skill, and competitiveness so they can learn and grow together.


  • The Pebble Wrestlers are kids age 5 to 8 and meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00pm to 5:00pm. This is a great start for your little one that wants to get into climbing but in an easy-going and encouraging environment.
  • The Recreational Team is for kids age 7-17 and meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5pm to 7pm. The practices are structured with warm ups, climbing exercises, and workouts. We teach fundamentals of climbing and get into what it takes to start progressing in the sport. There is emphasis on focus, team encouragement, and individual discipline.
  • The High Performance Team is designed specifically for youth climbers who want to take their climbing to the next level, but do not have interest in actively competing in a USAC competition. Emphasis will still be put on improving strength and climbing technique while still giving them all the tools they need to pursue their indoor or outdoor climbing goals.
  • The Competition Team is for the most dedicated climbers interested in competing and testing themselves at an USAC level. These athletes are expected to have consistent attendance and must exemplify what it means to be a TRG athlete. Competition Team members are expected to compete in at least four open competitions each year; two during boulder season and two during lead/top-rope season. Moving to the Competitive Team is by coaches recommendation only.
What do the kids do during practice?

A typical practice session for the Strata Senders and Team Natural  includes getting their gear on and immediately beginning a 20-30 minute stretching and warm up workout.

Then they move on to a 90-minute climbing session structured with specific workouts, drills, and movements to practiced.  They are constantly supervised and encouraged by our coaches who know what each kid needs to get better.

What about gear and equipment?

Team members are encouraged to purchase their own equipment but they are allowed to use TRG rental equipment (shoes, harness, chalk bag, belay device, ropes, etc.) during practice at no additional cost. Outside of practices they get free use of a harness and additional gear is available for rent.

But what if my kid gets tired during practice?

We always recommend that Team members eat a light snack and hydrate well before attending practice. Water breaks are frequent and if a climber needs an extra moment to recuperate after a hard climb then they will bet able to rest while another climber is being coached.


Does the Team ever climb outdoors?

Yes! Climbing outdoors is a huge part of the climbing experience and allows climbers to expand their range of skills outside of the gym environment.

Several times a year we will provide opportunities to climb outside with our qualified instructors. These trips may have additional costs as well as certain climbing or behavior-related prerequisites associated with them.

How do I cancel or put my Team membership on hold?

Memberships auto-renew on the 10th of the month.  Membership change requests submitted after the 5th of the month may be charged for an additional month. Frozen memberships are billed $10 per month. Click HERE to fill out the “Membership Change” form found under the “How do I cancel or put my membership on hold?” toggle.

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