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Here are the Texas Rock Gym, we know a thing or two about rock climbing birthday parties. In fact, we were the very first ones in Houston to offer them! So it’s no surprise that over the years, we’ve seen the best of what can go into a rock climbing birthday party gift bag.

Many of our birthday party moms and dads opt for our Pinnacle Party; this is the “everything but the presents” party. It comes with everything you need to have a fun birthday of climbing with friends – including the all important goodie bag. But for those with an On The Rocks Party, our “bring your own party” option, we’ve rounded up 10 of ourĀ favorite goodie bag fillers to make planning your next rock climbing party a breeze.

1. Pop Rocks

What goodie bag is complete without something sweet? We love pop rocks for the job – they’re sweet, have that fun, popping sensation, and have ‘rocks’ in the name. We say they’re the perfect addition.

2. Glow Sticks

Glow sticks in the rock climbing party bag – prepare to be the ultimate cool parent!

3. Carabeaner

Have the kids leave the party looking like pro climbers. These cool carabeaners will be attached to the school backpacks all year long.

4. Collapsible Water Bottle

It’s easy to work up a sweat rock climbing. Keep the kiddos hydrated and cool with their very own collapsible water bottle. They can even hook it to their harness with that carabeaner we mentioned above!

5. Cool Rock Bouncy Ball

Looks like a rock, bounces like rubber, good for hours of entertainment!

6. Keychain Compass

Out hiking with the family or just finding the next backyard adventure, this compass is sure to be a big hit.

7. Rope Friendship Bracelets

There’s no better way for your kids and their friends to remember how much fun they had rock climbing than to have a special friendship bracelet to all wear afterwards.

8. Rock Candy

If the Pop Rocks weren’t enough, how about some rock candy on a stick?

9. Adventure Stickers

What kid doesn’t love putting stickers on their notebook, backpack, water bottle, wherever! With these cool adventure stickers, the birthday party guests will be able to display their new love of climbing and adventure.

10. Mesh Drawstring Bag

Last but not least, the goody bag itself! These mesh bags are perfect for carrying all of their awesome, new goodies.