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Organic yoga mats are a great accessory to take along to use at your favorite yoga classes – whether you love hot yoga, bikram yoga, or just your run-of-the-mill classes. Read on to learn why these are a must-have yoga essential and the best brands and models to consider purchasing.

Why buy an organic yoga mat?

An organic yoga mat is a great idea because, overall, they are a healthier option. And, since you’re attending a yoga class in the first place, we think it’s a pretty safe assumption that you’re concerned with your health and wellness overall.

Mats that are not organic may be made with synthetic materials and have chemicals added to them, making them less than safe for you to be standing, sitting, and lying on.

Instead of using these harmful mats and subjecting your body to those materials, many companies are beginning to make mats out of more sustainable materials like all-natural rubber and jute. Keep reading to learn about our favorite organic mats.

Barefoot Yoga Original Eco Yoga Mat

This is one of the most highly rated eco-friendly yoga mats on the market, even cited as so in The New York Times! This mat is made out of all-natural rubber as well as jute fiber (which is notably vegetable based).

This mat is great for being no-slip, which is exactly what you need when you’re doing downward dog. However, this mat may feel a little different on your hands than a traditional one, so it takes a bit of getting used to.

Jade Teal Mat

This is a mat that will make all of your organic yoga dreams come true! It is made from all-natural rubber and is PVC free, and not to mention it is quite attractive looking!

When you buy a mat from this company, you can also feel great about doing so because each purchase means a $5 donation to ovarian cancer research, early detection, improved treatment, and public education of the disease.

The company also impressively plants a tree for each mat sold to represent their partnership with the company Trees for the Future. These mats may be at a higher price point, but their safe ingredients and altruistic efforts make it worth the splurge!

Bold Yoga Mats Origami Crane

Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, this is a mat that packs some serious punch. These mats are nontoxic and eco-friendly, all while also being latex-, phtalate-, and heavy-metal free.

This company does their part to do good in the world, as they have a Renew and Recycle program which collects gently used mats from consumers, then refurbishes them, and finally donates them to places like jails, detention centers, shelters, and schools.

If you donate a mat as a customer, you will receive a $5 coupon to use towards your next purchase. We call that a win-win!

Now that we’ve shared why organic yoga mats are such a great investment and some of our favorites, it’s time for you to purchase one! These mats are great quality and good for your body, so why not get one for your continued use? You won’t be sorry!

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