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December 19, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Cooking can be a love or hate thing for most people. Some people love doing it and have a natural knack for it, and others don’t like it as much and struggle to piece together delicious meals for themselves and others.

Many people are not as well versed in the kitchen as they would like to be, which causes the need for cooking classes.

These are educational but also fun, and you could walk out feeling like a more confident cook and you may even be inspired to create delicious and tasty meals.

Cooking at home rather than constantly eating out is an important piece of being healthier and sticking to a diet.

Learning to cook new and more adventurous dishes can help make your regular diet more fun and exciting rather than monotonous and repetitive.

Take a look at our favorite places to enhance your cooking skills in the Houston area.

Well Done Cooking Classes

Whether you want to attend a social or date night cooking class or have a full-on private cooking experience, the instructors here really know their stuff and you are bound to have a blast while learning.

Learn to make everything from cupcakes to souffles at this versatile venue and you will not be sorry you attended a class!

Main Course Cooking School

The Texas native chef in this kitchen grew up on a family farm and knows his stuff when it comes to different meats and cuts.

Learn how to make delicious and nutritious soups for winter or something more exotic like Asian dishes in these exciting and educational classes. You will leave happy and excited to put your new skills to good use!


Sur la Table

While you’re out and about doing some shopping at River Oaks shopping center, stop in Sur la Table for a cooking class to enhance your skills.

There are tons of different options for classes, from learning to make croissants to paella.

Your culinary skills are almost guaranteed to improve after attending one of these courses, and not to mention your mouth will be watering from the very start of it.

Art of the Meal

Start off the new year following your resolutions the right way in one of these unique classes.

These are focused on building techniques that can be easily applied to a wide range of cuisines and dishes in order to help improve your over-arching cooking skills.

You can attend this class with a glass of wine in hand, which is enough to sell many on the prospect of attending and learning.

Urban Chef

Enhance anything from your cooking skills to the way you handle and use knives at this venue.

These classes have a focus towards learning about and understanding ingredients, which will help you make healthier and tastier decisions going forward.


A cooking class is a great way to become a more well-rounded chef and be able to cook a wide range of healthy meals. With so many spots around the area to participate in these classes, they seem like a no brainer!

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