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January 13, 2017 by
Jay Medley
If you love to run, we know that you also love finding new spots to explore the city via your feet.

Whether you love moving through the hustle and bustle of a busy area, enjoying a more scenic route, or want to experience a change of pace running somewhere new, we’ve rounded up a list for runners of all preferences.

Take a list at the best places to run in the city no matter what you’re looking for.

The Best Places to Run in Houston

Buffalo Bayou Park

This park boasts beautiful views of the downtown Houston skyline and runs about eight miles long. This path is easy to run on as it is fully paved, and it is filled with art as well as light.

There is even a dog park along the way in case you wish to stop to pet a furry friend.


TC Jester Bayou Trail

This is another decently long trail, measuring approximately seven miles long. This will take you through the heights and north of 610.

This trail also has a dog park included, in addition to playground and volleyball courts. A word to the wise, though, is to avoid this trail on a hot summer day as there is not much shade along it.

Hermann Park

This is a shorter trail that loops around, coming in at two miles. However, it’s worth the shorter space, because it goes through a beautiful part of the city including the Houston Zoo, Miller Outdoor theater, and many beautiful fountains.

You won’t run out of distractions and things to look at when you run on this trail, that’s for certain!

Rice University Trail

This is another shorter trail coming in at around three miles, tracing the Rice University campus. This trail is littered with shady spots, making it ideal for a hot and sunny day.

However, it does get quite puddly after it rains, so keep that in mind after a storm.


This is a great neighborhood for a run in the city as it offers a diverse range of houses to feast your eyes on. From eccentric bungalows to houses with a modern twist, you won’t run out of things to see.

River Oaks

This is another neighborhood that’s fun to run in, mostly because it inspires some serious house envy. Many large and luxurious houses reside here, and who doesn’t love looking at something grand?

Especially around the holiday season, it’s a blast to run in this area and look at all of the houses decorated so beautifully. This brings a whole new level to “window shopping”!


If you’re a runner who wants to supplement your regular gym schedule and squeeze in some time outdoors, these trails are a match made in heaven for you. Explore a new part of the city while getting your cardio on and enjoying the great outdoors and we can almost guarantee that you will be glad you did!

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