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December 3, 2016 by
Jay Medley
As we mentioned in a recent article, tea is a great way to boost your immunity in the winter months where you are particularly susceptible to cold and flu.

Besides that, there are many benefits to indulging in a cup of tea. We will take you through some of the benefits here, as well as our favorite spots to grab a cup after a tough workout or rock climbing course at Texas Rock Gym.

The Health Benefits of Tea


Tea contains antioxidants that help to keep us young and protect us against damage from things like pollution.

Reduced risk of heart attack and stroke

Today reported that a recent study showed that those who drink one to three cups of green tea per day have a 20 to 35% reduced risk of stroke.

Regular tea intake is also said to reduce the chance of a heart attack.

It can aid in digestion

Studies reveal that herbal tea can aid in the digestion process and that ginseng tea can soothe nausea.

It can protect your bones

Regular ingestion of tea can help protect you against bone loss and breakage as you age.

Top 3 Spots to Grab Tea in Houston

There are tons more benefits to drinking tea regularly, and those are just some of the top ones to note.

With that being said, let’s move on to discussing the top spots in town to grab a cup of tea so that you can reap those benefits.

The Path of Tea

This is Houston’s only organic tea house to speak of, selling organic and fair trade garden direct teas that are in season.

Many of these teas have been infused multiple times to maximize their benefits and flavor. Also, this is home to Texas’ first certified tea master, Thia McKann.

Check out their website for their extensive tea menu.


The Teahouse Tapioca and Tea

This is a franchised chain that offers a wide variety of teas that are all healthy and delicious.

Houston is home to the first of this franchise, which opened in 2000, and was the first traditional Taiwanese cream teahouse in the area.

Keeping up with Taiwanese tea traditions, all selections are handpicked based on the season. They have a flavor for everyone!

Tea Bar and Organics

This spot is known for its high grade organic ingredients that make up their tea and food menu.

All ingredients have been USDA approved, including their organic sushi rice and organic tea leaves. The company values the health of its customers and has made a commitment to a healthy movement.

Check them out for a delicious drink and meal that will leave you feeling healthy and happy afterwards.


Now that you have some ideas of why tea is such a great addition to your diet as well as where to get the best of it in the Houston area, there’s no time to waste!

After your workout with us at Texas Rock Gym treat yourself to something delicious and good for you.

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