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April 5, 2016 by
Jay Medley
It’s never too late to make a healthy change but it turns out that the earlier a child starts living a healthy lifestyle, the more successful these habit will likely be. We’re all living sedentary lives these days, even children; most of us don’t get the recommended amount of exercise. It is so important to develop active, healthy habits in children as early as possible.

A study from Sweden found that obese children introduced to healthy habits like eating a healthier diet and becoming more active were more likely to result in weight loss for younger children. These new habits didn’t pay off as much for teenagers. It’s harder to get older children off of an unhealthy path, so it’s crucial to introduce these positive changes early.

Spark, a group that looks to prevent childhood obesity, recommends that school-aged children get an hour of physical activity every day. Preschoolers need even more: they should be aiming for two hours each day. With recess being taken away at many schools and fewer gym classes being offered, it’s important to get plenty of activity outside of schools.

For homeschooled students, it’s a good idea to find structured physical activities that will ensure they have a fun way to get the exercise they need and meet new friends. The easiest way to get kids to be more active is to make being active fun!

Finding an activity that they enjoy will make them want to do it rather than sitting in front of a screen. Rock climbing is a popular activity that fits the bill for kids: many gyms offer youth climbing teams for regular activity.

These teams may participate in competitions, which can get the kids more invested in the activity. Texas Rock Gym even offers climbing for homeschoolers on weekday mornings – the gym is quiet and the kids and parents can socialize while climbing.

You can include physical activity in special events, too. Making exercise a part of parties and events will help to make working out seem more fun to kids – a feeling that can last throughout their lives. Birthday parties can be held at climbing gyms, trampoline gyms, or even yoga studios.

The guests will not only have a great time during the party, but they may find a workout they’ll want to stick with for years to come. Groups can hold overnight lock-ins at Texas Rock Gym.

These lock-ins are traditionally held in school gyms and church halls; aside from a couple of basketball hoops, these spaces don’t really have enough to keep all of the attendees active and engaged for the entire night.

By holding an overnight event in a climbing gym, attendees will be trying out different walls and testing their abilities all night long.

Get kids interested in exercise early and you’ll set them on the right path toward a healthy life. The earlier the healthy intervention, the better. Even so, if you’ve already missed your chance with preschoolers, it’s never too late to try and make a positive change.

Maybe teenagers – or adults, for that matter – just haven’t found the right exercise yet. So no matter what your age, get out there and exercise.

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