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November 11, 2016 by
Jay Medley
At your company, we understand that employee engagement is critical to your business succeeding and meetings its goals.

That’s why we are here to provide you with an easy and fun solution to help increase employee engagement among your workers: group activities at Texas Rock Gym.

Between our yoga classes and rock climbing courses, we can accommodate groups of many sizes and skill levels. We are here to help increase engagement.

To understand why employee interaction and motivation are so important, we have rounded up the top reasons.


Why Employee Engagement Matters

Employee retention rates

When employees do not feel engaged in their environment or with those around them, they are more likely to quit.

The process of recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and training a new employee can be costly to your business, so we understand how important it is to keep turnover rates low.

Employee performance

Employees that are more engaged in their work and culture are more likely to put forth a greater effort and, thus, have a higher level of performance in their job.

That means more productivity overall for your business, which equates to hire profits and a better success rate.

Employee reliability issues

When employees do not feel engaged or connected to the work that they are doing, they are more likely to miss days of work.

This can pose an issue for your business as you need your people there to drive the company forward. Unreliable employees are a sign of unhappiness at work.

Ineffective collaboration

You should be encouraging the people making up your organization to collaborate with each other in order to solve problems, come up with plans, and innovate to move your business further.

When employees face a lack of engagement, these collaborative meetings and sessions are less effective and helpful, and can end up being a complete waste of time.

Lack of initiative

When employees do not feel a true connection to the culture and work of the business, they will fail to step up to the plate and take the initiative to lead the group, suggest ideas, or solve problems.

As a leader, you want to see your workers take the reins and really display their loyalty towards your organization.

When there is a lack of engagement and motivation, this will not happen.

Communication issues

It is not uncommon for a lack of employee engagement to result in poor communication between employees. On every level, communication is key to keeping a business running in an efficient and effective manner.

Don’t let employees with a “lackluster attitude” keep your business from thriving due to frequent miscommunications and wasted time for them to get in sync.


How a Group Fitness Class can Help

Group activities at Texas Rock Gym are a great way to encourage your employees to bond on a new and more personal level. In turn, this will promote increased engagement in the office and spur an array of positive benefits for your business.

Call us today to set up your session and push your business closer to success.

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