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April 12, 2016 by
Jay Medley
What’s better than hosting a birthday party that encourages kids to get their daily exercise in while they have fun with their friends? Activity birthday parties are extremely popular because it takes away some of the planning for parents and gives the kids a new and memorable experience.

Rock climbing makes a great birthday party activity and many gyms offer different packages that come with everything from climbing time, equipment rental, and use of a party room to a full-service party with food, cake, and goodie bags provided. If you like to take a more DIY-approach to your parties and want to bring your own treats to the party, here are a few tips for hosting a party at a climbing gym!


There are plenty of printing companies that offer climbing themed invitations, but you can even design your own with fun wording like “You Rock!” or “This Party Will Be the Tops!” Make sure to include the climbing gym’s waiver with the invitation so that parents can sign it before the party. It also helps parents to be informed about the activity so they can ask any questions before they RSVP.


Some climbing gyms may offer food as part of their party package, but many will let you bring your own to be consumed in a party room. Aim for healthy snacks and meals to go with the athletic theme. Think turkey or chicken wraps, veggies and dip, a fruit tray and yogurt cups or tubes. You could always bring a crowd-pleasing pizza as well, which can be conveniently ordered and delivered to the gym.

Make sure to bring drinks: water bottles are a healthy option, and juice boxes will please picky guests. Make sure to bring a cooler with ice for your drinks and snacks unless you have access to a fridge in the party room (to be safe, plan on bringing the cooler.)

You can really wow your guests with a climbing-themed cake. Check Pinterest for some amazing climbing cake ideas that you can either make at home or have prepared at a bakery. []


Check with the gym about if you need adult chaperones and how many. Depending on your gym and the package you choose, they may provide staff to belay the climbers. If not, gym staff may train adults in the group to belay the climbers. It is best to ask what their policy is regarding the adult to child ratio in party groups.

Loot Bags

There are so many fun items that can be put into a post-party goodie bag that fit the rock climbing theme! There are jelly beans that are shaped and colored to look like rocks [ ] or you can opt for rock candy or Pop Rocks to fit the theme.

You can also fit rock-shaped bouncy balls [ ] for the kids to play with when they get home. Kids would love a carabiner as a memento of their rock climbing experience, and you can find multi-purpose ones that may actually prove useful even when not climbing, like carabiners that include a flashlight.

You can even prepare goodie bags that can be used during the party. Reusable water bottles can be filled up at the gym’s water fountain and used during the climb, and hair ties are very important for any climbers with long hair. A protein bar or other snacks also make for a great climb-themed bag. Wow your guests with a great rock climbing-themed birthday party – they’ll never forget it!

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