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November 28, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Especially with cold and flu season approaching, it is important to encourage employees to stay healthy and happy.

Promoting employee wellness may seem like a challenging task, but one way to make it easier is to encourage group activities that are both fun and have health benefits.

We have rounded up the top five activities or ideas of things to do to promote wellness within your work community. Find them here.

Top 5 Activities to Promote Employee Wellness in Houston, Texas

Visit a park

There are several parks around Houston, all of which are a great option to visit in order to increase wellness.

Go as a group to Terry Hershey Park and take a walk along the trail or visit Keith-Weiss park to take in the beautiful views and to get some fresh air.

Encouraging employees to get out and be active is a great way to promote their personal wellness and health.


Go on a group bike ride

Another way to get outside and enjoy the weather while being active is to rent bikes and go for a ride together.

Bike Barn offers bike rentals at great rates and you can even arrange for a guided bike tour. This is something fun and different to do as a group that is fun and exciting!

Attend a spin class

If you’re not as much into biking outside, why not attend an indoor cycling class?

These are a fun way to promote fitness and you will all feel great afterwards. Especially if your employees enjoy being competitive, this would be a fun and beneficial group outing.

Ride indoor cycling classes provide your employees with a way to intensify, sweat it out, and bond all at the same time.

These are great for any skill level – so people don’t need to have experience or be experts to join in on the fun!


Grab a healthy juice

Going out for a different kind of happy hour can be a great way for colleagues to bond while promoting their health.

Visit a juice or smoothie bar like One Love Juice Bar for everyone to enjoy something flavorful and revitalizing.

There are many flavor options and your employees can opt for a juice or a smoothie, all that have different vitamins and benefits.

Rock climbing course

To promote fitness and wellness all while enhancing team-building skills, visit Texas Rock Gym for a group rock climbing course.

This will be a challenging yet fun and memorable activity for your team in order to induce better problem solving skills, internal communication, and spark higher employee morale.

With so many different options to promote health and wellness in the area, it’s the perfect time to promote team bonding at your office and plan an event today!

Show your employees you care about their internal relationships and well-being by planning an outing today.

Whether it be big or small, these have a large effect on the morale and happiness of co-workers and are bound to have long-lasting benefits.

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