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June 3rd – July 2nd

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Prepaid Memberships

Prepaid memberships…


  • Offer all the same great benefits of the EFT memberships but without the monthly payments.
  • Start on the date of your choice and automatically expires after one year.
  • Cannot be “frozen” since there are no recurring payments to freeze.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

All subscriptions must be set up with a valid credit/debit card and you can cancel at any time. (See below to request a cancellation or to freeze a membership.) There is a $50 enrollment fee per individual or family membership. If your membership is canceled or terminated you will have to pay the enrollment fee again. A membership payment “freeze” can be used so you don’t incur an additional enrollment fee. Members of the same household may join at a discounted rate provided they can prove current residence status.

How do I cancel or put my membership on hold?

Memberships auto-renew on the 10th.  Membership change requests submitted after the 5th of the month may be charged for an additional month. EFT memberships can have the monthly payments “frozen” for an unlimited time for $10 per month.