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August 20, 2018

From the desk of:

Matt Treadway
Texas Rock Gym

Dear Fellow Climbing Aficionado,

If you give me 2 minutes of your time, I promise this letter will be the best discovery you’ve made on your climbing journey so far.

As an avid climber, personal trainer, and managing director of Texas Rock Gym, I’ve been blessed to rock climb all over the country. I’ve climbed both indoors and outdoors for more than 16 years.

Needless to say, I’ve learned a few things when it comes to making progress, busting through plateaus, and developing a deep love of this sport.

I know what it’s like to get frustrated with a harder routes. Falling in the same spot over and over again. I know what it’s like to be on a budget. For the first decade or more, I couldn’t afford lessons. I know what it’s like to not see a way past a problem on a tough route even with a bunch of trial and error. (Or bad advice from my belay partner.)

And yes, I can admit it. I’ve even wasted money on private lessons, clinics, and certifications that really didn’t move the needle.

Struggling with all of this, I thought there must be a better way to make progress in this sport.

Does any of this sound familiar?


I can’t figure out how to make difficult routes work for my strength, flexibility, and body type.


I can’t climb as often as I wish so it feels like I’ve plateaued.


My regular climbing partners are too busy and now I’m losing interest too.


My other friends have less experience so I end up teaching, belaying, and not progressing.


I can’t afford to climb more often so I feel like I’m moving backwards instead of forward.


I don’t know how to get better without paying for private lessons, workshops, and stuff?

If you found yourself saying yes to anything I just said, I know exactly how you feel my friend.

“Climbing Started Out As Just Something Fun To Do On The Weekend.
Then It Became An Obsession…”

For most of us, climbing started out as just something fun to do at night and on the weekend. Over time it grew into an obsession. Then it gets hard. Real hard as the routes go up in grade..

Now it feels like forward progress is harder and harder to obtain. I know because I have felt each and every frustration at one time or another in the past 16 years. It’s time for a better way. There must be a better path for climbers to take if they’re serious about making progress.

Climbing is a more than just trial and error on the wall. Climbing is about movement. Movement on a vertical plane predefined by a much more experienced climber – the route setter. Solid route setting is key to making progress when it comes to indoor rock climbing.

As we all know, there’s nothing really too complicated about a route on a wall. The complicated part is figuring out how to do reach each hold with the right movement as it relates to your body, your strength, and your flexibility.

Everyone runs into a wall at some point. (Pun intended.) I certainly did. But then it all changed for me.

Do you know what was missing in my climbing journey causing me frustration?

(And it’s probably causing some frustration for you as well.)
Once I tell you, it’s going to seem so obvious that most people will ignore it because it sounds too darn simple.

What Most Climbers Are Missing And Don’t Even Realize It...

Here’s what I was missing in my climbing journey…

Structure and community…


Structure means that you know exactly what you need to work on. You know how to make progress and take your skills to the next level. You know how to go from wherever you are now; to wherever you need to go next.

Structure means having access to regular, honest, and precise feedback about your current climbing ability.

Do you need to get stronger? Leaner? Do you need more grip strength, muscle endurance, or flexibility? Do you need more knowledge about a certain technique?

In climbing, progress starts with finding out what is holding you back. You must identify your gaps and have a plan in place to fill in those gaps. I call this structure.


A community is your support system. It’s about supporting one another. It’s about being in an encouraging environment along with other enthusiastic climbers supporting our journey in the sport of climbing.

It doesn’t matter if you like to climb inside a gym and outside in nature. The climbing community is about doing both. We should encourage each one of us to do both if that’s what you want to do.

How I Found The Fast Track… And Now You Can Too

I got both – structure and community – when I started working for Texas Rock Gym over 12 years ago. I was super lucky. As an employee, I got to hang around some seriously talented rock monkeys all day long, five or six days a week.

I had access to a unique group of climbing freaks who loved helping me progress. I was a sponge. Climbing was small sub-culture back then. It was a tight tribe. A tribe of crazy, obsessed dirtbags passionate about all aspects of climbing.

Look, not everyone can work in a local climbing gym like I did. Back then, there were only 2 places to go climb in Houston. Those days are long gone but the experience I had inspired the one-of-a-kind membership program we have now.

Today, you can become a member of the ONLY climbing gym in Houston that focuses on building a super supportive community along with the right of kind of structure that can help ANYONE achieve their personal climbing goals.

Introducing The New TRG Unlimited Membership Program…

With a membership to Texas Rock Gym, you’re guaranteed to get…


Unlimited climbing access each and every day of the month. No additional fees the more you climb.


Two (2) FREE guest passes every month so you can introduce climbing to your friends for free.


Exclusive access to the community and our pro staff to help you tackle more difficult routes.


Members-only events, activities, and networking opportunities so you can meet other passionate climbers.


Unrestricted early-bird access to the gym so you can climb before we open to the public with other members.


Members-only climbing clinics and monthly evaluations so you always know what to work on when you at the gym or away at home.


Free access to Texas Rock Gym hosted clinics and workshops held throughout the year.


Deeply discounted rates to Texas Rock Gym Climbing School classes.


Free access to our fitness and yoga rooms if not in use by a group with an TRG instructor.

Our membership program combines the structure, the access, and the community someone needs to have the best opportunity to progress in the sport of climbing and seriously take their skills to the next level. The only missing ingredient is you.

TRG Unlimited Membership Details


Bonus #1: Free Evaluation And Initial Climbing Lesson With An Experienced Instructor
Bonus #2: Two (2) Free guest passes per month (a $480 value)
Bonus #3: Exclusive monthly climbing clinics (for members only)
Bonus #4: Exclusive monthly climbing evaluations (for members only)
Bonus #5: Free access to TRG hosted workshops and seminars
Bonus #6: Deep discounts on TRG Climbing School classes
Bonus #7: Free access to our yoga, tai chi, and kung fu classes held during the week.
Bonus #8: Free use of the training equipment in the Yoga and Fitness Rooms
Bonus #9: Free access to gym before we open to the public (for members only)
Bonus #10: Member appreciation events and special promotions (held throughout the year)

Frequently Asked Questions:

What If I Just Want To Climb Without Spending A Bunch Of Extra Money?


What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?

All subscriptions must be set up with a valid credit/debit card. There isn’t any contract to sign. You can cancel at any time with a 30-day notice. (See below for instructions to request a cancellation or to freeze a membership.) There is also a $50 enrollment fee per person. If your subscription is canceled or terminated, you will have to pay the start-up fee again. Members of the same household may join at a discounted rate provided they can prove current residence status. A drivers license or current utility bill works.

How do I cancel or put my membership on hold?

Click Here To Request a Cancellation or Freeze Membership

We can freeze memberships for up to 12 months for $10 per month to avoid having to start a new membership (avoiding startup fee).