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March 21, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Some things don’t last forever, like your workout regime. Sticking to exactly the same exercises will get results for the first little while, but then they just stop. You hit a dreaded plateau, that flat part of your fitness line graph where you stop building muscle or stop losing weight.

Once you’ve been following the same healthy diet and fitness regimen for a few months, your body adapts to it and you’ll no longer see results. You can prevent this, as well as imbalanced workouts, boredom, and injury by simply trying new things.

Changing up your exercise routine will challenge your body.

Your body adapts to the exercises you perform – like building the muscles needed to lift weights – but will stop adapting once it can complete the challenge and the exercise no longer puts stress on the muscles. The new and ever-changing exercises will keep your body on its toes (figuratively, but maybe literally depending on the new workout!)

In this state, it will need to keep building muscle and burning calories to keep up with the new challenges so there will be no plateau in your results.

With certain workouts, you may be missing out on certain body parts! Without aerobic exercise, your cardiovascular system isn’t getting worked. If you stick to the treadmill, your upper body won’t be getting any exercise. You may have seen memes about men who lift weights but don’t work their legs, leading to an extreme difference in the muscle tone of their upper and lower body.

Trying out new workout types will work all different parts of your body. Better yet, use exercise regimes that incorporate a full-body workout like rock climbing and yoga.

While physical challenges are a huge part of getting into shape, you can’t forget about mental challenges. Performing exactly the same moves day-in and day-out can become mind-numbing. Trying new exercises, especially ones that you may not have felt capable of, will boost your confidence when you complete them.

Using the same fitness equipment and doing the same exercises can actually be bad for you. Doing the same exercise over and over can cause a repetitive stress injury, which can sideline you from future workouts.

There’s also such thing as overtraining.

If you perform the same exercise over and over and don’t allow for sufficient recovery time, you may not just hit a plateau, but you may actually weaken the muscles as they will no longer be able to perform the same, strenuous workout. Changing your routine and working different body parts will allow muscles some recovery time – while you’re working a different set of muscles.

There are so many benefits to changing up your workout routine that you should look for a gym that can accommodate an ever-changing model. Boot camps that incorporate multiple types of exercise, like the camps offered by Primal Fitness, are perfect for this.

Plus, Primal Fitness and Texas Rock Gym offer a variety of workouts all in the same gym – rock climbing, yoga, TRX suspension training, the ever-changing boot camp, plus personal training so that you can have your own workout custom-made for you and your needs.

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