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January 13, 2017 by
Jay Medley
Winter can be tough in general, with cold weather keeping you inside, cold and flu season germs all around you, and the sun shining less than normal.

Dry winter skin does nothing but add to the blues of the season and, not to mention, it can be quite uncomfortable given the fact that it can lead to more than just skin tightness but also flaking and even eczema.

Luckily, there are many products, regimes, and remedies to get rid of this pesky and slightly embarrassing problem. Take a look below at our best tips and tricks to keep your skin smooth and soft through even the coldest days of the year.


Tips to Combat Dry Winter Skin

Use an oil-based moisturizer

While the warmer seasons probably do not require a hefty moisturizer, the winter demands more. Use an oil-based moisturizer as this will create a protective layer on your skin that works to seal in moisture and keep dry skin at bay.

If you are struggling to find an oil-based lotion to use, most moisturizers that are labeled “night creams” tend to contain more oil.

Use lotion that contains an SPF

While you probably associate sunscreen with the summer time, using it in the winter is an important step to keeping your skin soft and healthy.

The winter time sunshine plays a role in drying out your skin, so be sure to wear a lotion that contains an SPF, even if it is a low one, before spending time outside in the winter.

Keep your hands covered

Do you ever wonder why it seems like your hands are the first part of your body to dry out when the weather turns?

This is because the skin on your hands is naturally thinner than that on the rest of your body. Also, the constant hand-washing that the winter demands doesn’t help, either!

To keep your hands from becoming incessantly dry, be sure to wear gloves or mittens when you go outside to protect them from the cold.

Also, for extreme cases, wear moisturizing gloves overnight and slather lotion on your hands underneath them to help repair dry skin.


Use a humidifier

Because heating systems can cause the air in your home to become drier than usual, a humidifier can help add moisture back into the air and will help to keep your skin soft and smooth.

It is particularly useful to use one of these in your bedroom to aid in your skin repairing process while you sleep.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated helps when it comes to dealing with dry skin. Drinking eight cups of water per day, or more, will especially keep your lips from becoming dry and cracked, which can be painful and unpleasant. Drinking water is also, as you know, important to your health overall.

While dry skin is a frequently experienced problem in the winter, keep symptoms at bay by following the easy and useful steps listed above.

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