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June 10, 2017 by
If you’re a pooch lover and are getting a little sick of your regular workouts, why not spice things up by combining your love for dogs and your love for fitness?

It may sound a little crazy, but there are a plethora of ways to workout with your pet, believe it or not. And, they’re all fun and exciting!

Especially now that the weather is beautiful, it’s a great time to get out with your pet, giving them some time outdoors and giving yourself a fun new way to burn some calories. Keep reading to learn how you can stay on your fitness plan while giving your four-legged friend some TLC here.

Workouts You Can Do With Your Dog this Spring

Go for a run

Dogs love to be active, and taking them for a run is doing both of you a favor. After all, we know you want to keep your pooch happy and healthy, too!

They also make a great accountability partner – we bet they won’t want to slow down, so they’re sure to keep your legs moving – maybe a little longer than you would on your own! However, in the heat and humidity, keep in mind that dogs don’t sweat like humans do.

That means you want to take care to ensure that they don’t get overheated, especially if you have a “flat faced” dog breed like a pug or Boston terrier (for these dogs, runs should be five miles or less).

Go kayaking

For dogs that may want more of a breather and are smaller in size, why not treat them to a kayaking adventure?!

They can sit in the kayak with you and enjoy the view, the outdoors, and the sunshine – all while you’re getting quality time with them and a workout for yourself! For this dog-friendly workout, stick to slow-moving water and do a few practice rounds in more shallow water.


It certainly seems like rollerblading is coming back into style lately, with tons of people – especially in cities – using it as a way to both exercise and get around town.

So, why not bring your dog along for the fun?

You can easily hold the leash while you glide around, allowing them to get a walk or run in all while you squeeze some cardio into your fitness routine. Rollerblading also provides a great core workout, which is an added plus.

When doing so with your pet, make sure to blade in an area devoid of traffic, like along a boardwalk or through a park.

Play active fetch

This one is more out there, but it puts a health-friendly spin on the regular version of fetch that your dog loves so much. Throw your dog’s frisbee, stick, ball, or toy, and while they’re fetching, use the time to squeeze in some workout moves.

Think squats, jumping jacks, lunges, or anything else that floats your boat. That means a seriously great workout for both of you that your dog will love.

There are clearly many ways to exercise with your pooch in between gym visits – and all of them are fun for pet and owner!

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