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Yoga Classes For All Skill Levels
Yoga Classes For More Flexibility, Strength, And Overall Well-Being
Some things in life go better together like peanut butter and jelly, macaroni and cheese, or coffee first thing in the morning. Taking yoga classes are the perfect compliment to improving your rock climbing.

  • It increases endurance, strength, and flexibility.
  • Mental endurance and physical stamina are tested through holding postures for extended breaths.
  • Arm and shoulder strength is multiplied as you use your own body weight for resistance.
  • Lats and other back muscles begin to support the spine better than before.
  • Abdominals and obliques are refined and sharpened through building core muscles.
  • Poor and average posture begins to correct itself over time.
  • Hip flexors are stretched and rebuilt.
  • Glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves are tightened and lengthened where they need to be.

No matter what ails your aching body, or if you just want to take your fitness to a higher level, yoga’s ability to build muscle has an undeniably positive effect on the total body.

Texas Rock Gym offers several yoga classes in Houston for all skill levels.

Yoga classes are currently held Monday – Thursday from 7pm to 8pm in our dedicated 1,800 sq ft yoga studio upstairs away from the hustle and bustle of the climbing gym. Come by the front desk (skip ahead of those checking-in to climb) and pick up a yoga pass first. Then give the yoga pass to the instructor. No pass; no class.

How much do yoga classes cost at Texas Rock Gym?

Texas Rock Gym members with an annual or monthly subscription membership can attend all of our classes for free.

Non-members can attend with purchase of a day pass. ($20)

Ideally, students should arrive 10-15 minutes early to arrange their belongings, lay down their mat, and begin to relax.  We have some studio yoga mats, but it’s always recommended to bring your own. Blocks are provided.