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Youth Climbing Team Registration

Important Details Before You Register…

The youth climbing team is sport-specific training and development program for kids ages 7-17.  Indoor rock climbing has been proven to be a fantastic vehicle for personal achievement and individual transformation.  This is especially true with kids.  Our dedicated coaches provide fun, challenging instruction that develops your child’s fitness, climbing ability, and self-confidence. Our program encourages the development of a lifelong passion for climbing through an emphasis on respect, problem-solving, teamwork, and overcoming fears and challenges.  We limit the number of climbers in our practice sessions so every team member can get the best coaching and experience we can possibly provide.

Days and Times

Monday – Thursday

Junior & Senior Team Practice:  4pm – 6pm

Senior & Elite Team Practice:  6pm – 8pm


Mixed Practice:  6pm – 8pm. Every team member is welcome.

Junior Team: This team is all about having fun, being active, and making friends while working on becoming a better climber.  It’s perfect for those who are newer or just starting out.  Kids will be taught the fundamentals of good climbing technique and encouraged to practice in a fun, relaxed, exciting group atmosphere.  Great for kids of all ages, but especially fun for those under 11. The goal is more about establishing a love of climbing and encouraging a passion to get better with their technique so climbing becomes second nature. Each practice consists of lessons and climbing-specific exercises presented as fun climbing games in order to keep practices exciting and interesting. PRACTICE M-Th 4-6pm ONLY.

*New members must start out on the Junior team to learn the fundamentals and be evaluated by a coach.

Senior Team:  The Senior Team is geared for those kids who show our coaches that they are serious about climbing and want to start progressing in the sport. They have the passion, excitement, and determination required to become a better athlete. Practices are more structured. Workouts are more challenging. They know the fundamentals. They need the right environment for greater individual progress.  On the Senior Team, there is more emphasis on focus, team encouragement, and individual discipline.  These kids really want to advance their climbing skills both physically and mentally.  Senior team members can attend the early or later practice, whichever suits their schedule better. PRACTICE M-TH 4-6pm or 6-8pm

Elite Team: The Elite team is only for hand-selected climbers who are dedicated and experienced.  They are prepared to train specifically on what it takes to seriously advance in climbing. Elite team members are expected to climb on their own in addition to practice.  They are encouraged, but not required, to compete in local and regional competitions in order evaluate their progress. Climbers on the elite team must have a rock-solid (pun intended) grasp on climbing techniques and movements.  They expected (and required) to show discipline, responsibility, leadership, and teamwork while practicing in the gym.  PRACTICE M-Th 6-8pm

*Moving from Junior to Senior or Elite is by coaches recommendation only. If your child feels that they are ready to move to the next level, you can make an appointment with a coach or the program director to discuss the next move. You can contact the program director by filling out the form below.


2 sessions per week: $180/month EFT

3 Month PrePay: $495

Fridays Only: $105/month

Rate information: Each team member will receive full Texas Rock Gym membership with all amenities (unlimited climbing, 2 guest passes per month, yoga, etc), a team shirt, dedicated practices with seasoned climbers, gear to use during practice, and opportunities for climbing in other gyms, outdoors, and in competitions.

All dues will be paid on the 10th of each month via our AutoDraft program. Cancellations must be submitted via the TRG website at least 5 business days before billing cycle. 20% discount for additional siblings.

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Team members will be allowed to use TRG rental equipment (shoes, harness, chalk bag, belay device, ropes, etc.) at no additional cost during practice but are encouraged to purchase their own equipment.  This way the climber can be more comfortable and familiar with their equipment.


Each season there will be opportunities to climb outside with qualified instructors.  These trips may have additional costs and pre-requisites (climbing or behavior related) associated with them and will be for members of the youth-team only.


At Texas Rock Gym, competitive climbing is encouraged but not required for someone to be on the youth climbing team.  There will be several opportunities for team members to participate in local competitions.  These local competitions expose climbers to fun new challenges and are a great way for climbers to assess their skill against other climbers in their age group.  Our Elite Team trains for competition and they are encouraged to compete in the larger regional competitions.  Our practice seasons follow the USA Climbing schedule with Bouldering season in the fall and Sport/Speed season in the spring.  Each competition may have additional expenses according to the host gym.


With Texas Rock Gym, you get our unique “Great Time Guarantee” when your kids join our Youth Climbing Team. If your kids are completely happy being a member of our climbing in the first 14 days, you can cancel your membership and get a refund. We want our program to be a good fit for everyone involved.

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