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If you’re trying to raise a well-rounded kid, but you feel like you’re fighting
an uphill battle against unhealthy distractions, you need to read this.

Physical Activity is one of the Most important habits you can instill in your child, for their Grades, for their Confidence, and for their Long-Term Health

And if you’re struggling in the war against Minecraft, know this:

It’s probably not that your kid “doesn’t like sports.” It’s more likely that they haven’t found a physical activity which engages their strengths yet.
Dear Fellow Parent,

Matt Treadway here, Managing Director at the Texas Rock Gym.

If you’re reading this letter, chances are your child has already given climbing a try – and probably had a blast.

Maybe they’re even asking when they can come back and do it again.

That’s exactly what I’d like to talk to you about.

Now, if you’ve been meaning to get them signed up, and life’s just been a little busy, you can skip on down to the Youth Climbing Team packages and get your kiddo back on the wall.

But if you still have some questions about the Youth Climbing Team – or you’re just not sure if it’s worth adding another activity to your already-busy lives…. Please read on.

As you probably know by now, I’m a little biased. Climbing has been an amazing part of my life, as has this very gym. In fact, I started out working at the front desk myself, and just kept working and climbing until I had the opportunity to partner in the business – that’s how much I love this place.

BUT – I will do my best to present only the facts, when it comes to kids, climbing and why it is IMPERATIVE that your kids find a physical activity they enjoy (no matter what that is).

And give you the most unbiased guidance I can to help you decide if climbing – and the Youth Climbing Team – at TRG is right for your child.

First Thing Is First:

If You’re Worried Your Kid Is Getting Too Much Screen Time and Not Enough “Go” Time – You’re Absolutely Right.

“Couch-potato-itis” (ok, that’s not a technical term, but you get it) is the #1 concern of parents in America today (PHIT America). Small wonder, when almost 20% of kids between 6 and 11 suffer from obesity…

Right this moment, over 40% of children are already at risk of disease due to lack of physical activity.

That’s a terrifying statistic.

These are REAL problems that are leading to a higher mortality rate in adults. You know – those of us who haven’t been glued to these devices for a lifetime.

We didn’t have these problems as kids, because no matter how many hours we sat in front of the TV, we still had to look across the room to see it.

That constant staring down at a tiny screen has very real consequences, causing the body to round forward, and causing a host of physical and cognitive problems along with it – it’s not alarmism, these are facts.

According to PHIT America, a nonprofit dedicated to getting kids active:

Inactivity is the 4th leading cause of death, ahead of being obese & overweight
2 of 3 children are not active to healthy standards
48% of High School students have no PE (and they’re not the only age group who has seen physical activity stripped from their school day)
28% of Americans are totally sedentary…this % is growing each year
80% of children are at risk for disease due to physical inactivity
And one of the world’s leading medical journals, has called physical inactivity “a pandemic with far-reaching health, economic, environmental and social consequences”.
According to a former Surgeon General (Richard H. Carmona), our kids could be the first generation with a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Meanwhile, the Physical Activity Council reports that kids between the ages of 6-12 are becoming less active FAR more quickly than other age groups.

And between 2015 and 2016, those little ones had the biggest drop in activity in a single year – EVER.

I’m terrified what’s going to happen with these. As parents, we should ALL be terrified.

We would have been better off just getting them bigger TVs.

Blame the iPads, blame the lack of recess at school, blame the culture where we can’t let our kids ride their bikes to their friends’ houses unsupervised.

No matter the reason, lack of physical exercise is a child’s worst enemy.

We’ve got to get these kids moving.

This is where climbing has an edge over many other sports. From a physical perspective, climbing is the exact opposite of screen time. You’re looking up, stretching your body, reaching in directions that are the complete opposite of the hunched over posture we slump into when we’re on our devices.

Not many sports offer that direct line of combat against the effects of sitting.

As Critical As the Physical Benefits Are –
Did You Know That Exercise Makes Kids Smarter As Well?

If you’re worried about test scores, placements, college… There is little better you can do for
your kids than to get them ACTIVE.

Again, this is not just my opinion, but the opinion of medical and child development
professionals across the country.

Dr. John Ratey, MD at Harvard Medical School calls physical activity “Miracle-Gro for the brain” and plenty of others agree with him…
“They perform better on academic tests following single bouts of exercise” – Charles Hillman, Ph.D., University of Illinois
“They more vigorous the physical activity, the greater the cognitive benefits” -Dr. Darla Castelli, University of Texas
Even the most dedicated bookworm can boost their brain by taking a break to get out and move.

But here’s the big question on many parents’ minds...

In a world where playing Minecraft, watching other kids play Minecraft, and even watching strange YouTubers play Minecraft is every kid’s favorite pastime…

How do you get these kids off the couch?

Here’s where I’m going to interject my two cents – as a parent, and also as a climbing coach who sees this a LOT.

I’ve personally noticed that a lot of the kids who are addicted to their devices? Lack confidence.

Maybe they also lack traditional “athleticism,” and feel like they aren’t good enough to be on the team. Maybe they’re just shy.

The pressure of making the goal, catching the pass, or tagging out the baserunner can be too much… As can the fear of getting teased for it.

The truth is, it’s not that these kids aren’t athletic. It’s that most sports just don’t leverage their strengths – Which often include deep, critical thinking thinking and problem-solving versus lightning-fast reaction times on the field.

Instead of finding joy in team sports, a lot of these kids withdraw into the worlds that DO leverage their strengths – whether that be books (a noble pursuit), schoolwork, and yes – even Minecraft.

It’s not their fault they’re addicted to their iPads…

They just haven’t been presented with an option that makes them feel as good!

And THAT is why I believe climbing is a fantastic option for ALL kids.

For the ones that are already problem-solving wizards, it’s like finding their “home” in sports.

And for the ones that need to develop a little focus? — Climbing can be an awesome activity to help them develop those skills in their off-season.

In a Nutshell, Climbing Helps Kids:

Build strength and confidence
Develop their teamwork and cooperation skills
Build a habit of being active that will encourage other adventures
Improve concentration and coordination
While learning self reliance and perseverance
Feel a sense of their OWN achievement.
Increase their endurance, dexterity, and balance
Find their personal strengths and talents
Plus, it’s just plain FUN.
I’d definitely recommend the Youth Climbing Team. Luke learned SO much more than how to tie a knot and climb up a wall (or mountain).  He learned life skills that are already improving his focus, confidence, and resilience.

Physically Luka’s strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance have increased so much in the past year that he’s been climbing.

Mentally, he’s learned focus, confidence, and resilience. The pure joy (and relief) on his face when he sends a project is priceless. He also knows that falling is part of the climbing experience but when it happens, you brush yourself off and get back on the wall.

Recently in a competition, I watched Luka go up to a 5.12b to attempt it. He’d never sent a 5.12, and didn’t often even attempt them. I watched on the edge of my seat, though honestly, I expected he would fall. I didn’t even pull out my camera. As he climbed higher and higher, his strength and determination seemed to grow. He was not going to quit. He flashed it—his first 5.12 and I will always remember the ear-to-ear smile when he looked back down at us after the reaching the top.

It may seem like a small thing, but I know that may have been one of his proudest moments. He was beaming. The best part—he earned it himself. He trained, he practiced, he recovered from disappointments and minor injuries, he made a goal, he saw an opportunity and he succeeded. These are life skills and whilst rock climbing is a good fun, it teaches the kids SO much more than how to tie a knot and climb up a wall (or mountain). Jennifer Ignat

But What about Camaraderie? And Building Trust? And Teamwork?

While Climbing IS solo activity – no one really climbs alone.

Behind every climber, there is a community of peers and coaches building them up, encouraging, them, showing them the ropes, and supporting them.

In climbing gyms across the country there’s a sense of camaraderie.

Everyone is doing the same warm ups, all following the same exercises, and listening to the same coaches.

The kids cheer each other on, belay one another, offer support, advice, and friendship.

Even when each one of them ultimately tackles the wall on their own, they learn that they have a support network of friends and teammates to help them confront challenges, overcome obstacles.

These kids come together, dig deep, and find the greatness that’s always been inside them.

That’s Why We Created the Youth Climbing Team at the Texas Rock Gym

To us, it wasn’t enough that these kids could learn to climb here – we wanted to make sure they had their own community at the gym.

Their own support network. Their own… team.

And while some kids do choose to compete in local climbing competitions or even work towards Nationals – every one of
these kids knows the real competition is with themselves.

The purpose of the Climbing Team is to give the climbers the camaraderie they’d experience in traditional team sports,
while giving them the freedom to blaze their own trail – wherever their personal climbing goals take them.

I Truly Believe Climbing is one of the BEST Things You Can Do For Your Child’s Health and Long-Term Happiness.

Climbing Team Frequently Asked Questions

How is the program set up?

The Youth Climbing Team is perfect for kids between the ages 7-17.  We break them up into 3 groups based on skill, so they can learn and grow together, without feeling intimidated by the more advanced kids.

Junior Team: This team is all about having fun, being active, and making friends while working on becoming a better climber.  It’s perfect for those who are newer or just starting out.  Kids will be taught the fundamentals of good climbing technique and encouraged to practice in a fun, relaxed, exciting group atmosphere.

Great for kids of all ages, but especially fun for those under 11. The goal is more about establishing a love of climbing and encouraging a passion to get better with their technique so climbing becomes second nature. Each practice consists of lessons and climbing-specific exercises presented as fun climbing games in order to keep practices exciting and interesting.  

*New members start out on the Junior team to learn the fundamentals and get evaluated by a coach.

Senior Team:  The Senior Team is geared for those kids who show our coaches that they are serious about climbing and want to start progressing in the sport. They have the passion, excitement, and determination required to become a better athlete. Practices are more structured. Workouts are more challenging. They know the fundamentals. They need the right environment for greater individual progress.

On the Senior Team, there is more emphasis on focus, team encouragement, and individual discipline.  These kids really want to advance their climbing skills both physically and mentally.  Senior team members can attend the early or later practice, whichever suits their schedule better. 

Elite Team: The Elite team is only for hand-selected climbers who are dedicated and experienced.  They are prepared to train specifically on what it takes to seriously advance in climbing. Elite team members are expected to climb on their own in addition to practices with the team.  They are encouraged, but not required, to compete in local and regional competitions in order evaluate their progress.

Climbers on the elite team must have a rock-solid (pun intended) grasp on climbing techniques and movements.  They are expected (and required) to show discipline, responsibility, leadership, and teamwork while practicing in the gym.  

*Moving from Junior to Senior or Elite is by coach’s recommendation only. If your child feels that they are ready to move to the next level, you can make an appointment with a coach or the program director to discuss the next move.

When is practice?

Monday – Thursday 6pm – 8pm

What do the kids do during practice?

Practice lasts for about 2 hours.

After getting dropped off and getting situated, the kids are introduced to their instructors. There is an ice-breaking session to involve everyone in the group, after which the instructors review the team/gym rules.

We do this every time, so newcomers always feel welcome, and we reinforce the expectations on the rest of the Team.

Next, the instructors run the kids through a 10 – 15 minute stretching and flexibility session. This way they learn how to get more limber and better prepared for action.

Then they move on to a 90-minuted structured climbing session with specific workouts, drills, and movements to practice based on each climber’s interests, goals, and skill level.  They are supported, encouraged, and supervised by our coaches who know exactly what each kid needs to do during practice to get better.

At the end, everyone does a 20 minute workout as a group to finish off the practice session. This workout is geared toward maintenance and injury prevention.  Whether it’s strengthing the core or balancing out antagonistic muscle groups, the goal is to help prevent injury and strengthen the opposite and opposing muscle groups we tend to utilize the most while climbing.

But what if my kid gets tired during practice?

No worries. Our instructors are experts at training young climbers. They understand your child’s limitations and potential.

There are frequent breathers and water breaks during which students can chat with each other, lie around, or nibble at the snacks that you’ve packed for them.

What makes the Climbing Team so special?
Our Coaches.

For the last five years, Texas Rock Gym has served the community by putting a safe, modern and family-oriented indoor rock climbing gym within easy access for all kids and young adults.

We have trained more than 100,000 climbers to scale our walls with confidence, and we are experts in teaching kids (and adult kids) how to climb and conquer mountains.

Our expert coaching staff provides fun, challenging, and rewarding instruction that develops your child’s fitness, improves their climbing ability and strengthens one’s character.

Curriculum-based training.

Many kids programs seem like a free-for-all. The Youth Climbing Team at the Texas Rock Gym is different.

We have developed an actual climbing curriculum to provide a structured, and safe, method for learning both types of indoor climbing: Bouldering and Rope Climbing.

The curriculum follows the competitive season so that climbers who wish to compete (locally or at recognized events) are developing the skills they need to do well during the season. This means the kids always have something to look forward to, and they’re not just drilling the same skills week in and week out.

The program is designed to develop a lifelong passion for climbing through an emphasis on respect, problem-solving, communication and overcoming fears.

Small Group Sizes

Our goal is for these kids to see improvement, build their confidence, and discover how much they’re capable of, but In team sports, a lot of kids feel lost in the shuffle.

We keep our Youth Climbing Team groups small so that each team member gets the best coaching experience we can deliver.

We bring the FUN!

The Youth Climbing Team isn’t your typical after school or extracurricular sports activity. Climbing doesn’t feel like exercise, its fun.

Our coaches are climbers too, and their enthusiasm for climbing is contagious. As one of our longtime climbing families once said: “We moved to Houston with one climber… We’re leaving with four!”

Does my kid have to go to competitions?
At Texas Rock Gym, competitive climbing is encouraged but not required for someone to be on the youth climbing team.  There will be several opportunities for team members to participate in local competitions.  These local competitions expose climbers to fun new challenges and are a great way for climbers to assess their skill against other climbers in their age group.  Our Elite Team trains for competition and they are encouraged to compete in the larger regional competitions.  Our practice seasons follow the USA Climbing schedule with Bouldering season in the fall and Sport/Speed season in the spring.  Each competition may have additional expenses according to the host gym.
What about gear and equipment? Are there any other costs?
Great question.

Team members will be allowed to use TRG rental equipment (shoes, harness, chalk bag, belay device, ropes, etc.) at no additional cost during practice but are encouraged to purchase their own equipment.  This way they can be more comfortable and familiar with their equipment.

Occasionally we offer opportunities to climb outside with qualified instructors.  These trips may have additional costs and pre-requisites (climbing or behavior related) associated with them and will be for members of the youth-team only.

And finally, if your kid decides to compete in any local or regional events, there are some small additional expenses involved with each event like entry fees, travel, etc.  Our coaches will make sure those are discussed way far in advance of any events.  Plus, climbing competitions are completely optional.

What if my kid doesn’t like it?

I recommend that you never buy anything that isn’t 100% guaranteed. And with Texas Rock Gym you get our “Totally Happy Climber Guarantee” when you sign your kids up for the youth climbing team. That means if you decide after the first week of practice the climbing team isn’t a good fit for them, you can email us, and we’ll give you all your money back with a smile. And no questions asked.

How To Join The Youth Climbing Program

We’re thrilled you want to join the team.  Each month we have a limited number of spots open up on our Junior Team for new members because there is a strict limit to how many kids practice together during the week.  That’s one of the things that makes our program so special.  We run a much lower instructor-to-student ratio than other programs so every student gets plenty of attention, feedback, and coaching.

To start the process, simply click the orange button below and follow the instructions.  All new applications are personally handled by our Director of Youth Programs conveniently over the phone or in-person by appointment only.  This way you’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, get on the practice roster, and finalize payment arrangements.

Afterward, detailed instructions will be emailed to you so you know *exactly* what to do to get your family ready for their first day on the team.

And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 713-973-ROCK (7625)!
Best Value

3 Month Pre-Paid Membership

  • 2 practice sessions per week. Approx. 2-hours long.
  • Free rental gear if necessary during practice
  • Exclusive Climbing Team t-shirt
  • Individualized training programs
  • Group workouts and injury prevention flexibility training
  • Opportunity to go to competitions
  • Opportunity for outdoor climbing trips
  • Deep discounts to our Climbing School classes
  • UNLIMITED Access to the gym (along with 2 free guest passes per month)
  • Discounted family membership rates!

3 months for $495 ($165/mo)

Limited Spots Available
Most Convenient

30-Day Automatic Renewal

  • 2 practice sessions per week.  Approx 2 hours long.
  • Free rental gear if necessary during practice
  • Exclusive Climbing Team t-shirt
  • Individualized training programs
  • Group workouts and injury prevention flexibility training
  • Opportunity to go to competitions
  • Opportunity for outdoor climbing trips
  • Deep discounts to our Climbing School classes
  • UNLIMITED Access to the gym (along with 2 free guest passes per month)
  • Discounted family membership rates!

$180 person/month

Limited Spots Available